These days, there are news about the flight attendants transporting drugs into our country. One difficulty for those responsible is that drugs today are diverse and have many new forms, and the actions of those who spread the white death are highly sophisticated and have a transnational network. These drugs are killing people, causing lethargy, and destroying the future of many young people. In addition to the white deaths, many people are sowing death silently to others through unsafe food; or spreading images of killing behaviors into the hearts of others through movies. Violence with hateful lifestyles, abortion, and many other ways of killing people through social media. In addition to it, there is the street death: the villains on the
streets in our country every day.

Society and the world seem to be increasingly covered with death, anxiety, and fear. Today’ Gospel shows us that God is the one who wants people to live and live happily. Jesus is the one who rose from the dead and brought life to humankind. The story that Jesus brought Lazarus back to life today wants to say that. Death is the ultimate human suffering for both the dead and the living. When facing death, people are anxious and afraid because they have to face death alone, feeling lonely without anyone to accompany them. Faced with death, we are scared because we do not know what will happen to them after death. That’s why everyone wants to prolong life. For those reasons, death is always a phobia for many.

In that look, we see the painful plight of the family of Martha and Mary, the death of Lazarus took the sisters’ spirits down, and their faith was shaken and severely tested. Even though she blamed God, she still had some hope when she said: “ But I know whatever you ask God now, He will give it to you”. Jesus said to her: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live”.

Jesus is the God who gives life to humanity and the universe. He is the one who took the form of a human, who accepted death and rose from the dead by the power of God to bring the world to life. He came to humanity to live; those who believe in Him and accept Him, will receive the life He offers.

We still have to face physical death, but for those who believe in Jesus, death is no longer a terrible fear; because we believe in God’s promise today: Who believes in me, and whoever lives and believes in Me will never have to die again. Therefore, for Christians, death will become the light, the threshold to cross to enjoy eternal life with God.

However, we not only look forward to eternal life in the future, but today, we become children of God through baptism, sharing in the passion and death of Jesus Christ, then today, right now, we are receiving the life He gives us.

Once again, the word of God in today’s Gospel invites us to reaffirm our faith in Jesus; by believing in Jesus, we may receive the Holy Spirit who is life. Let’s bring the life of Jesus into our lives and families, listen, and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will inspire us, solve life’s difficulties, and help us to adjust our lifestyle to make our family happier every day. Let’s profess our faith in Jesus as the mighty God and dare to entrust our
lives and families to Him; He will renew our lives.