It’s all about convictions. The deepest truths we bear in our hearts that nothing in this world can make us doubt about.

That was the case of Isaiah. His conviction was that God was his help, therefore he would never be disgraced nor put to shame. With this truth in his heart, he was able to bear all th einsults with no sign of rebelion, no sign of anger on his face, no feelings of revenge in his heart.

That was also the case of Jesus. He knew who He was: the Son of God, equal to God. With this truth in His heart, he was able to humble Himself and receive death from the hands of His own people, forgiving and loving until the end.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the case of Peter. He was convinced that he would be “the man”, he would never fall asleep, never escape, never deny. But all these convictions were about himself, about his own capacities, while others’ convictions were about God’s power in their lives.

What are my deepest convictions? Are they about myself or about God working wondersfully in my life? Am I convinced, like Pilate, that I possess all the power, or that the absolute power over my life belongs only to God? Jesus’ convictions could be resumed in one sentence: “The Father is in me and I am in the Father” (Jn 14:11). That’s all that really matters.