We have all experienced in life how something we expected has come true and we say, taking a deep breath: thank God!

This is what happens in today,s gospel to Anna, the prophetess, and to Simeon, who were waiting for the Consolation of Israel! When Simeon saw the Holy Family entering the temple to offer his Son to God, like every firstborn, he saw his dream fulfilled and he sang to God: “Now Lord, according to your promise, you can let your servant go in peace because my eyes have seen your Savior…” (Lk. 2, 29-30)

Father Palau was also waiting to see his Beloved, he said: “I was busy doing what my heart loved. I thought about the Church, I invoked Her and looked at Her head…” (MR, Frag. V, 1) until one day She revealed herself to him and he also sang many times: “And so much is the surprise that it causes when looking at it, that it always looks like something never seen before and new; so that the more one looks at it, the more one desires contemplating it…” (MR 21, 3). “Her presence satisfied my passion and with her I was happy, her beauty was enough for me… With her I found my joy and happiness…!” (MR Frag. I, 3).

May this celebration renew in us the Hope, the “excitement” for that Someone who wants to manifest himself in our lives, and who becomes our comforter, our life, the one who cares for us and heals us, the light and the glory…

Happy New Year to everyone!