On this Second Sunday of Lent, Jesus invites each one of us to go up the mountain with Him in silence to immerse ourselves in the contemplation of His transformed face radiating the revealed love of the One who will enter in death. We can touch Him through the words recorded in the Gospel and listening to Him through the events of life.

That event reminds us that life is full of difficulties and challenges. And sometimes we have to go through dark, fearful moments, where it seems like there is no way out. But there are times when we can be glorious on the condition that we have a different perspective of faith and hope and never become discouraged or disappointed.

Cardinal Francis Nguyen Van Thuan, during his time of persecution and imprisonment, in harsh solitary confinement, without friends or work, lived in absolute emptiness up to the point of having even though he was almost crazy, but still with absolute trust in God’s work. He used the Bible and God’s Word to pray and was aware of God’s presence. He accepted the suffering offered to Him because he wanted to be faithful to the Church in an earnest and steadfast way („5 loaves and 2 fish”).

The mystery of Jesus’ transfiguration is an invitation for each one of us to open our eyes of faith to see the mysterious light of God in the history of salvation that He has revealed to His disciples. And the announcement of the road to Jerusalem that will bring Him to suffering, crucifixion and a painful death on the Cross, then to the radiance of glory.

The transfiguration of Jesus seems to bring to the disciples in the Bible, as well as to all of us, the hope that, although we must go from the path of suffering of the cross, our destiny is the glorious happiness. It invites each one of us not to be afraid of suffering and torments but to be willing to take risks, throw ourselves into challenges, accept all consequences and risks in our lives to step up on the cross every day. I hope that through the spirit of deep prayer and total faith, all the thoughts and actions of each one of us will point in the same direction: “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.”