February 12-16, 2020, together with our formator, Sr. Chrezann M. Angulo, we were given an opportunity to participate on an Ecological Awareness and Spirituality Module held in HEAL, Villasis, Pangasinan.  It is part of the module planned by the novitiate formators of AWFP (Association of Women Formator’s in the Philippines.)

Indeed, the experience was unforgettable, from the cold breeze, trees and flowers in different shapes, colors and sizes, to the surroundings so green and truly relaxing.  The alternative living in Heal is quite amazing.  We were encourage to respect every single creature with life, from insects to wild animals, we ate fresh and organic vegetables and fruits just harvested from the garden, we stayed in a very simple bamboo house and we used all natural things because there in Heal we were inspired to return to the mother earth what she deserves.

The first day was quite hard, but later on, we appreciated the simplicity of lifestyle and everything that’s coming from the earth.  The approaches in the conference about the emergence of the creation: the earth, the life and human consciousness are relatively scientific but we have come to believe and hold on that our God is behind in all these and put all things in order.  We also cherished the prayer experienced with the nature, where we reflected the importance of being rooted and connected to the Resource of everything.  Earth care was another momentous experienced where we were allowed to work in the farm: to dig the soil, to plant a seed, to water and to talk with the plant and of course, to harvest.

It was really fun, a memorable experienced and so much learning’s to practiced.  We are very grateful and we prayed that we may be a good steward of our common home and deepen in us how the mother earth carries us.


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