“I had hardly fallen asleep when a vision of a thousand ghosts awakened me full of terror. I saw that same young Woman (the Church) in the most critical distress. She was alone in the thick darkness of a bad night, looking very sad, dressed in mourning, covered with a black veil, and she was praying at the foot of an enormous tree. I could see only a vague shape; nevertheless I recognized her and realized that she was very bitter (…) 

She shouted with horror: Father, my Father! and she disappeared. This time she was very young, hardly twelve years old. I saw her very obscurely, covered with her veil” 

(Francisco Palau, MR VII,2-3)

I thought I already knew everything about how hard life can be!

Yes, even though it was in small dosis, I’ve experienced during my life how hard it could be. I experienced in my own family the tough moments of saying goodbye again a and gain to those whom you love, also of their disappearance without any goodbye. I shared in Venezuela the situation of so many families who were lacking the most basic things and simply were trying to survive the best they could. With horror I saw the situation of the refugees in Goma, where the children were dying because of hunger and diarrea, meanwhile the world continue as if nothing was happening or the nations were sending medicines just to take care of their own image, given that many of those medicines were already expired. I experienced that many times the injustice wins, while I was working in a prison… And still, there was a whole world for me to discover, a world of horror in face of which almost everyone keeps silent and looks in other direction.

Of course I knew about the existence of the market of human trafficking. But I was far from thinking about its real dimensions. Nothing to say about its cruelty! I still got goose bombs and tears in my eyes when I remember or read the testimonies that reached me during those months.

The first 33 children rescued, seemed whole world for me. I started soon to realize the real dimensions when they summoned to hundreds. No, I am not confused. I do not exaggerate. You read it well. Hundreds.

This way, after some months, they were already 8 126. And this was really a whole world. It’s so terrible to read in an report of Vatican that the number of the victims of human trafficking in our world reaches to 40 000.

For complete service and anticipated payment for any of those in this place (young people between 14 and 17), they get 24 hours gratis of all those who are in other place (children younger than 7)

They are monsters!!!

The night has just began

and there are already maaaaaaany dead!

40 000!!!

We can continue looking in other direction. We can continue deciding not to believe. It’s your decision. Or we can guard this number in our heads and our hearts until it will start hurting. Their cries resound in the whole world and they should also resound in our conscience.

We got amazed seeing the slavery that marked the history of humanity in other times. The tragedy suffered for our black brothers and sisters because of the color of their skin. The extermination of native culture because of being different. So many victims of Nazi holocaust because they belonged to other race. And all of this because there were always persons standing near who decided to look in other direction. Because they decided not to believe to what others were telling, or even to what their own eyes were seeing. How much defense of one’s own style of life! How much egoism! How much economic interests! How much power! How much indifference in front of the suffering of others!

Children and young persons gathered in small space, waiting for the moment of giving pleasure to their clients, or for the moment of suffering the torture to see who is stronger or who would die first. Young girls raped so that they might have more children for their purposes. Children being born and raised in the power of mafias, who would never know a real family, who would never go to school, who would never learn about love and tender care more that one they can give to each other… Yes, without any doubt, there are monsters and there are victims. The indifference and blindness of many “good persons” allowed that the Nazi holocaust might have happened. Our indifference and blindness allows this reality to exist in our world.

These are the real testimonies, I assure you that:

“God, the Saint or the fairies heard us, they couldn’t leave us there any longer, all of us we were going to die, in this dates many pay for the services with dead bodies, they like it…

It’s a miracle… I still can’t believe it, they (he points out the children) are my family, here the invisible ones we are all one family, we don’t have other family apart from each other… and it hurts to see your family die or suffer knowing there is nothing you could do because you yourself are in the same situation, or even worse…

(he starts crying and can’t speak any more)”

“At home, the monsters decorated it all for the clients… and they were repeating: peace, freedom and joy this Christmas…

I really wanted that: peace, that they may not touch me, nor hurt me, nor do all those ugly things that hurt me, that they may not give me drugs, ar that if it couldn’t be avoided, at least may it be with only one and not all ten who bought me. That hurts so much…”





Your heart will begin to harden as a stone, if not, it’s impossible to survive.

How to make it without bleeding out of pain?

Also you, CMT sisters, don’t thing that our option in life places us in another ambience, or that this is a kind of reality far from our carism. What would Palau do facing this reality? I know that many of you are already praying without ceasing for this cause. Each one of you have to make your on decision. But be careful, it can happen that some of you may place themselves in the side of pain and evil because of some unknown dark interests…

They, children and young people, cry to us for help. Listen to their cry! Help them with your prayer and embrace. Be attentive. It’s THEIR LIVES that are at risk. Their lives depend on us. Their lives, their pain, their dignity. God is struggling with all his might for them, but he needs our collaboration.




Olga Olano CMT

Grandma with long arms