Inspired with the recent theme of the Pastoral Visit of Sr. Ma. Rosario Perez Paya, Provincial Animator with Sr. Maria Carmen Arroyo, Provincial Treasurer,  “GOD KEEPS DREAMING US AS MISSIONARIES IN THE CHURCH,”  is indeed a reminder to us, of every sister, of creating communion in our way of fraternal life, of our mission, and of our prayer life: listen & respond.

Our Lady of Virtues community in Pangantucan, would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the visit of our dear sisters,  Sr. Rosario and Sr. Maria Carmen.  Daghang Salamat sisters!

Yes! As a community, we experienced to live united with the rest of our sisters of our congregation with the presence of Sr. Rosario  & Sr. Maria Carmen.  Their stay with us was meaningful because it allowed time & space to be with them for a while, feeling the presence of a bigger family – sharing of our thoughts and sentiments during those days of encounters and of praying together, enjoying one’s company, laughing, as well as recognizing the lights and shadows of our community.  We experienced their simplicity, nearness and encouraging words that they could continually look into in serving all walks of life, of the people of Pangantucan with passion and compassion.

It even adds how impressive the meeting of the sisters with our Palau residents… there was a short program prepared for them… inspiring and thanksgiving messages from our sisters as well as the residents… it was a recreation of letting them feel the presence. Sr. Rosario had a chance also to visit and meet the two families of our Palau residents.  She was accompanied by Sr. Aleksandra together with Ma’am Irene, our social worker and Sir. Valiente, the principal of Mendis Elem. School.  After a ride, they had to walk in the barrios.  I imagine, it was tiring but I believe there was a joy in their hearts because they were able to reach out, to know the real-life situations of the families.  On the other hand, it was something unimaginable how these families survive in their everyday living.

The end of the visit…

Sr. Rosario read the acta of the Pastoral Visit, after which details were given to the sisters, which were handmade by our sisters in Spain-a genuine act of thoughtfulness and kindness.

What more…

We also celebrated the feast day of Our Lady of Virtues… March 8… the first time we have known it… so timely they were around… God is really a providential God who cares and blesses us always in every circumstance…  it was not planned, but it was destined… It was then a great moment too, that our sisters Rosario and Maria Carmen were present during the confirmation of our 9 Palau residents and with Ma’am Rose, Ma’am Irene, Teachers Lorena and Karen, Bro. Kim, Sisters Vhie and Marissa were among the sponsors, meanwhile, Sr. Aleksandra assisted in the choir.  There was a lunch together with the rest of Palau residents.

Afterwards, there was also an encounter with Bishop Jose A. Cabantan, D.D. , Diocese of Malaybalay.

We need to part our ways, but still we spent a little time together as our family bonding and the community accompanied them to the airport.  Saying our goodbyes do not end here.  Our journey as a family will continue.  Believing that we are in communion with one another, we will always remember that we are not alone in giving our life for others.  With Jesus and Mary, our Lady of Virtues, our companions in our journey, we will stand as one: for a cause.