The way that, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; all the old is gone; behold, it is all new

(2Cor 5, 17)

Invocation to the Holy Spirit


Guide 1: This afternoon we want to praise and bless God because in risen Christ there is hope. 

Guide 2: His resurrection is silent, mysterious, but certain, and it ilumines and gives a new meaning to the suffering of Good Friday and all the sufferings of humanity.

Guide 1: Jesus, triumphant over death, is hope that sustains mothers of those who are absent fighting and migrants still on their way…

Guide 2: Life that emerge from grave is hope that sustain the victims of human trafficking, abandoned elder, families of the sick and dead because of pandemic of Covid-19…

Guide 1: In risen Christ, the different humiliated and those who search for meaning in their lives believe it possible to have another opportunity, another horizon.

Guide 2: Jesus, victorious over death, shows to Palautian Carmel that, after loneliness and coldness of the grave, there is a new day… luminous, warm, joyful, true… lasting.

Guide 1: The glory of a new life wants to touch tenderly this afternoon all our traumas, wounds and pains of whole humanity.

Guide 2: The glory of the new life wants to restore the original being of each inhabitants of this planet that exist in a womb of the Trinity.

Guide 1: The glory of a new life wants us to be freed from our own graves and loneliness in which we stay trapped.

Reader 1: The glory of a new life is a announcement not only of the future glory, but also of the Kingdom of glory that is going to begin here and now for whole humanity, in us and through us… The Word of God in the Book of Revelation says “now” I make all things new… it doesn’t say tomorrow, or someday… It says Now. And this now is today…

WORD OF GOD  (Revelation 21:1-5a)

I saw Heaven and earth new-created. Gone the first Heaven, gone the first earth, gone the sea. I saw Holy Jerusalem, new-created, descending resplendent out of Heaven, as ready for God as a bride for her husband. I heard a voice thunder from the Throne: ‘Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women! They’re his people, he’s their God. He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes. Death is gone for good – tears gone, crying gone, pain gone – all the first order of things gone’. The Enthroned continued; ‘Look! I’m making everything new!’”

Christ is in the middle of the Holy City of Jerusalem, and from there proceeds, as if from its own centre, a light of glory, and the same glory for whole city, and from there to whole Universe and all creatures.

Jesus gave name to his hope,

It’s called Kingdom and Sovereignty of God.

It ws a cause that was moving his earthly existence,

The great passion of his life:

That God may reveal and make emerge

The humanity of a men and women;

That God may come to us

And make born new men and women

New fraternity, family of the sons of God.


Jesus dreamt of seeing this land

Being a home for all.

Dreamt of the end of oppression

And great arrival of liberation.


Today is Easter, Christ has won over death!

That’s why, “Whoever receives the life of God

Cannot get used to live in the world of death.

Whoever experiments

The justification through God’s grace

Becomes a warrior for justice.


Whoever receive the great gift

Of reconciliation and peace from God

Through Crucifixion, is touched

By hunger and thirst of reconciliation

And peace on earth.


Receive the mission of reconciliation

In the midst of conflicts of our society.

Whoever believes in the God of life

Feels pain because of death and dreams of a new creation

Where there is no more tears, nor pain, nor death (Ap 21,4) 

Guide: As we celebrate this Easter of 2020, afer having prepared ourselves during this Holy Week…

  • What my palautian heart hopes for, searches for, desires, asks for?
  • Can I put any name to my hope?
  • How this “new earth” that I dream of, that calls me, looks like?
  • for me,
  • for my community, congregation, family,
  • for whole world?

Guide:  When in our lives something important happens, it produces changes… something happens in our interior and slowly it gets expressed in our actions, behavior, decisions… We invite to pray now together with this psalm, calmly, allowing its words to speak to our hearts… allowing it to touch our “now”… and after finishing let us pause for a moment of silence to make resonance…



I would like to break every wall that limits my horizon;

I would like to arrive further than my eyes could see;

I cannot stand darkness; I search for light.

When I touch anything with my finger,

When I hold anything in my hands and I make it mine,

When I achieve what I was waiting for with illusion…

There is always something that I cannot touch,

That I cannot achieve, that I cannot hold;

There is something I can feel deeply, but I cannot see it;

Something further than mountains and sea;

Further than the blue sky and the stars;

Something more in my fragile and uncalmed heart.


Lord of life: I want to live an ending life!

Lord of love: I want to love without limits!

Lord of my dreams: I want to be free with full liberty!

Lord of hope:I want to journey and never arrive!

Lord of the definitive: I want what I still don’t have!

Lord of the absolute: I want You to be my life!


Here I am, full of illusion and enthusiasm;

Here I am, wanting to do something beautiful for you;

Here I am, searching for an offering without measure;

Here I am, resisting to “die for the art of dying”.

Mine is to live forever: like your Gospel says.

Mine is to live eternally: as you have promised.

Mine is to live a love that never dies: just like you.

Mine is to live your new life: life of your Spirit.

Mine is to live you: my life is your resurrection!


I live the peace of your Kingdom: a way towards fullness.

I live the truth of your Kingdom: a way towards your light.

I live the freedom of your Kingdom: a way towards your glory.

I live the purity of your Kingdom: a wy towards your perfection.

I live the justice of your Kingdom: a way towards your holiness.

I live the hope of your Kingdom: a way towards your Reality.


I will live forever: I believe in your eternal life!

I will live forever: I believe in my resurrection!

I will live forever: I believe in the promised Kingdom!

I will live forever: I believe that there is more!

I will live forever: I believe in your love that never dies!

I will live forever: I believe you are waiting for me at the end!

Lord Jesus, Risen Lord: I hope in eternal life.

Lord Jesus, Lord Always Young: I hope against all hope.

Guide: We are many, the Christians that celebrate this Easter, even though not all of us are joyful. There are many believers and non-believers who live this Easter and these days filled with pain, loneliness and abandonment. We entrust all of them to the Holy Trinity, so in their great love they will be welcome and sheltered as in hope. Let us pray “Glory to the Father…”

Guide: Let us end this moment of joy, gratitude and hope together with Mary, Virgen of celebration and of hope.  (Let us chant the following)

My heart sings, Lord of Life, like a dove.

My heart rejoices like a light of a dawn.

My heart feels the greatness of the Lord’s seas.

My heart rejoices in God, God a Savior.

My heart feels small, like a leaf on the wind.

My heart feels in his open eyes, his sight.

I’m happy, Lord, like a branch of almond tree with flowers

I’m happy, Lord, like a dove flying free.

I’m happy, Lord, with the new Humanity that is opening

And in my humility, I sing.

I’m happy, because in my grain of sand at seashore,

you left, step by step, kiss by kiss, your footsteps.

I sing with joy: your power is great, Lord.

You have dispersed those of hard and proud heart

Like wind is blowing the leaves attached to branches.

You have put down form throne those of powerful heart.

How they felt down in history the giant walls!

You’ve led my people through the desert sand

And you’ve led them walking like on eagle’s wing

Your marks are left in the story of my history

And your deeds have arrived, still warm, to my hands.

You calmed with goods to those of hungry heart,

And you have broken your bread so delicious.

You have brought fresh bread, newly made in oven,

To the hands and mouths open with hope.

You have left up from mud the humble

Like the sun lifts up the life still sleepy and silent;

Like rain lifts up dry grass,

Awaking the seed dispersed in ground.  

Lord of the History of men,

Come and help people who cry,

While others are dancing.

Come, Lord, and may your bounty and mercy

Change the heart of a man and make him tender.

You are God. You are Lord of man and things,

And the gate for your flock is always open.

You dispersed the rich, the powerful,

Those who think they were somebody,

With empty hands and dry eyes, without tears. 

Come in favor of this humanity

Divided and broken, and make unity of all branches, you who are Father

Of all men of the world,

Seat us at your table where everyone

Have their bread and water.

You have lifted up what is fragile and looks up

And you left on earth what is heavy

Like a thing not be used again.

Your bread, eternal bread, is for the poor.

Your bread, bread for all, not only crumbs.


Happy Easter in family!