Love begets love” as our Mother Teresa de Avila says. Our gospel reading from Matthew 25: 14-30 shows a beautiful scenario of who God is. Before leaving He makes sure that His children share in His inheritance. So, He divided it into three. The first received 5 talents, the other one three and the last one received one. For some, there should be critic about why he didn’t give the same amount to the three. For some, they will say, possibly, the first is the eldest and the last is the youngest that’s why only one was received. Yet it said, “each one of them received the talents according to their ability.” Ahh ok!  it’s clear.  All of them used the talents and they earned a lot except the last one who dug a hole and buried it.

How many people, nowadays still don’t recognize nor even know how to use their talents. They stay in the phenomenon of asking what are their talents or saying that they don’t have a talent. Or we use to say “sana all”.   The gospel of Jesus is telling us: it is not a matter of how many talents we have but of what we do with what we have received or how we use it to make it double or gain interest. The gospel invited us to be creative, use it for the service of all. It’s not simply accepting it and keeping it, but a call to say yes to God’s invitation to grow, gain interest, gain profit on it. It is not to be an obsession to hold but a bridge to transform life to the fullest. It is to take a risk to try and to invest and be creative, be open to new possibilities, new opportunities and be able to listen to the voice of the spirit from within who is telling us “I can. We can” because “love begets love.”  

How about you? How do you use the gifts God has given? Did it grow and bear fruit?

God bless us all!



Our Lady of Virtues of Pangantucan ,2020


Sr. Vhie B. Vertucio, CMT