Purple simple and double gillyflower (viola)

The viola- gillyflower is one of those that burst open first at the approach of the beautiful spring season; with good soil, fertilizer, water and favourable climate it bears an abundance of fabulous flowers. Its cultivation is not delicate. It is very varied in its colours which are always maintained in its species. The purple (viola) simple and double gillyflower signifies for us.

Abstinence and sobriety

These virtues moderate a person in eating and in drinking and are supported by fasting. They are attacked by gluttony and drunkenness. Abstinence and sobriety go together. Plant it side by side and touching its plant in the same heart, one will fertilize the other, and the double and simple will form a most fragrant and beautiful bouquet.

Abstinence and sobriety in Mary

Neither Mary nor her Son appeared before the world dressed in sack cloth and hair shirt, without eating or drinking like the Baptist and other hermits. It was convenient to be like that for the edification of the Church so that people would believe in the humanity of the Son of God.

These flowers to Mary

You have to be moderate in eating and drinking: take the golden mean. The rule is to attend to the needs of life. Eat and drink moderately at a fixed schedule, not excessive. Abstain from sumptuousness, grandeur, useless and superfluous expenditures in parties and banquets. Do not be solicitous about exquisite, rare and delicious foods, and do not forget that the main purpose is to attend to the needs of nature, not to delight, to relish or to please it with danger to the health of the soul and of the body. Promise to Mary sobriety and abstinence, and when you put a bouquet of these flowers on your altar, say to her:

Lady, I offer you a bouquet of purple gillyflower, symbol of my abstinence and sobriety. I promise to fight with these weapons against gluttony and its five daughters: vain joy, stupid jokes, filth, talkativeness and stupidity. Receive, Lady, this offering and strengthen my intentions.

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