The queen’s caresses and other species of mallow

This plant is one of the species in which the Malva – mallow is divided: its leaf is gentle to touch; its flower is very small and without odor but its crimson color is so bright and vivid and the flowers come in cluster. It avoids the heat of the sun and loves the pool of water. There are moreover many other species of malva mallows that take their names in each country according to their qualities and they are also smooth and delicate to touch and smell. The viola – roman gillyflower is an herb negligible to the sight, but when evening comes its strong odor can be sensed from afar.

Clemency and meekness

Clemency moderates the rigors and severity of punishment insofar as it is compatible with the laws of justice; meekness protects the peace of the heart against anger. These virtues soften and calm, sweeten and pacify. The malvamallow is a plant that is very soft, smooth and delicate to touch and its species perfumes with its fragrance and embellishes our garden with its variety of flowers.

Clemency and meekness in Mary

Clemency: to appease God and mitigate the rigor due to fault, this was one of the highest functions that Mary practiced with regard to the miserable sinner: she was merciful during her life and she will be merciful as long as there are sinners on earth. Meekness: Mary was sweet and tender of heart. Nobody ever saw her angry.

The flower to Mary

What do you do when the wind blow in your heart the breeze of anger, restlessness and discontent? Do you abandon yourself? Do you burst out into complaints, utter inappropriate and offensive words? When you feel possessed by discontentment, or turbulent by an evil spirit, do you resist the impulse of the heart that threatens to rob you of your peace? Examine it well and resolve to be tender, meek and sweet, and upon offering to Mary this flower say to her:

Oh most merciful and sweetest Mary! I offer to you today the flower of my meekness; I will maintain peace of heart, and I will hold the impetus of anger on a bad day. I promise you so; receive this resolution of mine, accept my flower.