May 28 – MODESTY

The violet

The violet is a flower that even if it does not bloom on May, it anticipates to give us the news that frost had passed, the snow had melted and that the beautiful season of spring is approaching.


This virtue – modesty – a companion of temperance, maintained in the spirit its interior serenity and in the body the exterior against its tendency towards honors, glories, dignities, greatness, knowledge, exterior adornment of the body, gestures and attitudes in licit enjoyments. The violet hides its flowers among the leaves: Modesty covers with its external acts whatever it feels and has of greatness, and presents itself to the eyes of others as a small flower, but very fragrant, and is the first that announces to us the good time and the delight that the modest and well-ordered man in all his interior impulses and exterior gestures, will enjoy in paradise.

The modesty in Mary

Mary never experienced in her soul any activity that could disturb, confuse or disrupt her, neither before she was elevated to the highest level of dignity as Mother of God and Queen of heaven and earth, nor after. She directed to God whatever she had from God and whatever she had of her own she attributed to herself.

The flower to Mary

You are going to present today the modesty, that is, an entirely ordered and well composed in the soul and in the body. To be puffed up, conceited and proud is to take a monstrous spiritual figure. Avoid this discomposure and when you put flower into Mary’s hands tell her:

Lady: by the presentation of this my bouquet, I commit myself to keep always interior and exterior modesty. Receive a flower that you love so much, accept my resolutions and let them be strong and effective.

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