Today, Palm Sunday, our meditation is about the passion of Christ. Today is also the Sunday of silence. So let’s also meditate on our daily passion and the passion of the world today.

The passion narrative tell us the culminating drama of Jesus’ salvific mission. The gospel presents to us the different characters who are also present in the drama of real life. In the beginning of the gospel, Pilate questioned and say, “Are you the king of Jews?” Jesus answered him saying, “You say so.” Jesus did not say ‘yes I am’ but ‘you say so’. Let us ask ourselves, ‘if it was me, what shall I answer? Is my answer the same as Jesus?’

Pilate stand for the powerful on earth and was ready to execute anyone who is a threat to his throne or political interest. He was indifferent to the cause of the poor and the innocent. Jesus, the Lord of patience, underwent his passion, and with crown of thorns allowed himself to be mocked by everyone.
Once condemned by Pilate, He was flogged before execution. In this narrative drama, Jesus follows his itinerary until death on the cross. In his passion, Jesus met many people from every category. The apostles represent those who wholeheartedly follow Jesus in good times but abandon him when things go wrong because they have not understood that discipleship entails carrying one’s cross. Jesus prays for them so that once they recover at Easter they will strengthen their brethren and become the pillars of the community of believers. In this Sunday of silence and the beginning of the Holy week, the
narrative of passion shows us that every story finds meaning only when it is connected with Jesus ‘s story.

The plots and sub plots of our lives complete with suffering, conflicts, struggles, joys and sorrows, success and failure will find meaning only if they are joined with the sacrifice of Jesus for the sake of the beloved.