We are celebrating the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, the feast of communion, the feast of the family. Many times, we rebel against God because we cannot know Him totally nor understand the darkness of the history nor “why” of His apparent willingness. God is a mystery and it shouldn’t surprise us. Every person is a mystery, and we can never know her/him totally. But that doesn’t hindrance us from falling in love nor from taking care for others even to the point of giving our own life, because love trespasses all barriers, knowledge and ages.

God has manifested Himself to us throughout the history and, in an unsurpassable way, in Jesus. He has shown Himself as Father and Mother, God Creator and permanent tender Caregiver for all that exists, whom Jesus has taught us to call “Abba”, daddy. This Father/Mother who, because of His immense love, has shown Himself as Son incarnate in Jesus, “God with us”, who came down to the abyss of human existence to encounter the least, the weakest and the most vulnerable. He has revealed Himself as Spirit, “God in us”, who is always the origin of our creative and most beautiful inspirations and of our most admirable offerings.

Because of it, to encounter Trinity and live its mystery, we don’t need to enter into emptiness and lose anything, nor search in the maze of concepts accessible only for illustrated, nor wait to be perfect, nor die in ignorance. It’s enough to love, love and love more, and abandon ourselves to the warmth of the family, of significant relationships, of deep communion.


Download materials in PDF: trinity – communitarian prayer