Mary is the “Virgen-Listener” who welcomes with faith the word of God. The art of listening in Mary is not a simple listening, superficial, but it is to hear with attention, welcoming, availability for God. Mary is attentive to God, she listens to God, with fear, and she perceives at the same time the greatness of the Most High and her own deep humility.

Mary listens also to the happenings, she reads the events in her life, she lives attentive to the concrete reality, she doesn’t stop on superficies but deepens to catch the meaning.

Mary is also the Virgen of prayer. She prays to glorify, give thanks, recognize the greatness of God and her own humbleness. But also in prayer Mary encounters the truth of God about her: “They will call me blessed”, not because of me, but because of the great deeds that God has made in me.

In the Gospel of Luke, Mary is the Virgin that listens: she allows God to talk to her and this word penetrates her heart like a rain in a fertile ground. Mary shows to us herself in Annunciation fully owning her life, with the wisdom of a virgin who knows to listen and penetrate the message, with interior richness that is grown only in silence and contemplation.



Oh how I long to sing you a song of love

To describe the warmth f your smile,

The pureness of your heart.

Oh Mary, our Queen of love, our way to the loving Son,

Our beautiful way to the loving Son.


Prayer to Mary, the Virgin who listens.


“Mary, woman of listening, keep our ears open;

Help us to listen the word of your Son,

Among millions of words from this world;

Help to listen the reality in which we live,

In every person we encounter,

Specially in the poor, needed and persons with difficulties.


Mary, woman of decision, illumine our mind and our heart,

So we might know to obey the Word of your Son Jesus, without hesitation;

Give us strength to decide, not be tossed

And not allow others to orient our life.


Mary, woman of action, make our feet

And our hands move “in hurry” for others

To bring love and charity of your Son Jesus. Amen” (Pope Francis, 05/31/2013)