REFLECTION 16h Sunday Ordinary Time B

There are two opposite images in today’s readings. In the fragment of the Book of Jeremiah, we see the image of the shepherds who scatter and don’t care for the flock. By the other hand, in the Gospel we see Jesus who gathers and cares. Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s promises to his land, that they will be cared for, nothing will be lacking for them, they will dwell secure (image that we see described in the Psalm). And on His part, Jesus also makes sure that after His leaving; there will remain those who will continue His mission of gathering and taking care: the Apostles.

To exhaust oneself in the service; to feel pity for those who go astray and feel abandoned; teaching them and comforting, nourishing their life; and finally come to rest around Jesus to share with Him the joys and difficulties of the mission, and feel His care when he invites us to rest in Him. In this moment, it comes to my mind  many memories of communitarian moments, where one comes back from a tiring day, sits on the table with the sisters sharing all that happened, resting in heart and spirit, gaining new strengths, and feeling cared for. It is so good to be gathered and cared for. This is also a mission of the religious community, of every community of faith. This is how we build relationships among all the members. We are mission; we are relation.

Let our homes be spaces of gathering and taking care of mission and relationship. It all begins and ends here.