Another testimony. Through the web page of the Province of America and it as a reflection of sister Maria Isabel Obregon, another person committed exactly in the process of liberation that sisters Olga and Marcela were talking about. 

Imperative which is born out of the journey that I live and walk in the task and mission of accompanying persons who make their process of searching, fighting, dreaming, offering without conditions and radically; to be faithful to myself being faithful to the dream of God.

In the years of my life, I have accompanied many persons, and I allowed others to accompany me, with desire to be faithful to the project of God; this project that is being translated in love and service to the Church, as we understand it, the spiritual daughters of Francisco Palau, ocd.

In this moment I would like to share my experience with sister Marcela Alejandra Macagno, which started when God in his Providence found us in formation house of noviciate in la Florida, Santiago de Chile, where in the process of discernment, in the light of faith and reality, we were contemplating the work of God that is being weaved in the history as a place of salvation, of the call and of the answer to the received vocation.

Beginning with this journey with Marcela, I could discover and experiment once more the words of the Gospel: “The truth will set you free”. In the measure that we were giving name to what was happening, what we were searching for and what we were called to be as a person, an image of God, God was requiring of us decisions that liberate, restore, integrate, unite and create communion. That’s why in front of the injustices committed against so many victims of human trafficking, Marcela decided to denounce, so that the truth might be uncovered, and this truth brought as a consequence the rescue of 8.126 young persons and children of age 4 to 18. This proves again that where there is truth, there is life, and where there is life, there is meaning.

Also today we can hear the cries of those mentioned by the prophet Jeremiah in the chapter 31:15… the cries of the mothers, families and nations that suffer the disappearance of their children because of human trafficking, the sexual exploitation, drugs and so many other forms through multiple organizations. Unfortunately this reality is closer to us than we might think.

We should take note of the commitment of so many persons in this cause, as well as other causes in favor of life especially the most vulnerable.

I am very thankful because I han an opportunity to read and keep in my heart the testimonies of children and the young people who have been liberated from this oppression without limits; It’s still touching to remind tose expression like: “Hopefully there would millions of homes that raise you up, that heal your wounds and help you to live. I am happy now!”… These testimonies help me to be more conscious of this reality lived by thousands of persons, and to widen my gaze and my heart. They make me more sensible, more committed in my prayer and in all what is at my hand to lessen the pain of orphanhood of so many children.

Without any doubt, to achieve the truth is and has always been a difficult way, but worth of it. To take risk is an option that implies life, and whole life, with determination and fidelity to vocation lived with passion.

In the moment of welcoming Marcela to become a member of our religious family we knew and I know what it would mean to commit ourselves and allow to be affected, to feel as Body in all that unites us as a project and desire of our vocation as Teresian Missionary Carmelites. We continue journeying; it hasn’t finished yet. Yes, we take steps which require support, care, commitment and communion, because life belongs to us and we belong to only one body, that is the Church.

To conclude with my experience, which isn’t only mine, is of all of us, although some of us we accompanied from near distance, we sustain one another mutually. The mission has communitarian dimension. Let us open our eyes, let is live the truth, let us search for the truth and let us collaborate to continue saving from horror, pain and perversity children and young people, victims of this social problem.

To conclude: what is happening to us about this topic? We can share.

Mª Isabel Obregón, cmt

Buenos Aires, 22 of July 2020