My name is Francisca and I firmly say NO to all what it supposes and brings: maltreatment, violence, privation of freedom, death… to the children, to the young people, to each person who deserves to live life full of joy, because she/he is a child of God.

And… I say NO to all what I don’t understand but I bring in my heart, because since long time ago I am asking God to purify the hearts of all those who are trafficking with persons… exchanging lives for money…

I also say that I DON’T AGREE with persons who collaborate, christians… and maybe also religious who wither bad example don’t allow:

– that many children and teenager would be saved from this life of death;

– that many children and teenagers would be rescued to enjoy and live in dignity, recover their family or encounter a new one where they would feel protected, where they can love and feel loved. Where they would feel in their hearts that GOD is with them, that GOD LOVES THEM. That Mary is their mother and carries them in her bosom and in her heart.

It is so gratifying for me to see that each one of them reflects the face of Christ, each one of them is the part of the Church figured by our Founder Francisco Palau: “God and neighbors”.

And they, the most vulnerable, the most needy… they are crying to us to pray, work, stop doing evil, so they might be saved…

Francisca Fernandez Dominguez CMT