This is how I experienced myself in this congregational cause of “rescuing and liberation” of children and youth. As a member of General Team of Animation and Government, I feel blessed and happy for having had an opportunity to “be”, pray, support the liberation and care for so many innocent lives victims of human trafficking, torture, slavery… because of nets of exploitation and perversity.

To live this congregational experience helped me to visualize with more realism the society in which I live, and to be more conscious about the grade of human capacity for evil. This makes me commit more in living my consecration attentive to the cries of pain, oppression and death of the most vulnerable because of the incontrolable pleasure of the mafia bosses. To respond to each situation defending the right to LIVE with dignity and freedom for every human being. Convinced of the fact that “who gives his/her life, will find it”…

When we began our journey of collaboration and support of this cause as the Team, I had many questions, uncertainties, without previewing that “the Lord whom noone can win in generosity” had a great surprise prepared for us: the gift of liberation and return to LIFE of so many children and young people, offering them tender and loving care of “mommy angel”.

This process was not easy, it required from me abandonment and trust in mediations, given that at the beginning we couldn’t communicate everything. When Sister Ma. Jose was asking us to intensify our prayers, when I could see her face of worry and pain, my heart was trembling and I was experiencing impotence and limitation, and just like Mary at the foot of the cross I was contemplating the Crucified in so many disfigured faces. But we also celebrated joys, when happy she was announcing new rescues.

Today I can say with all certainty that it was worth it, that it is worth it and that it is a great privilege that, as Congregation, God gave us this occasion of collaborating in this cause of taking care and protecting life, that without doubt is the work of God. I feel proud and thankful for all what this experience brought to my life as a person and as Teresian Missionary Carmelite. My heart now beats differently and my prayer contemplate the “rainbow”. One word comes to me: THANK YOU!

Sisters, let us continue making option for life. Let us never kill life with our attitudes. As women, as the Church, we are called to give life. FIAT!


Sister Ines Fernandez, General Vicar CMT