On this 30th Sunday of Ordinary time, Jesus reminds us of the truth of all truths: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.

Let’s love!” is an invitation that God wants each of us to understand and to live.

“Love God with all my heart, with all my might above all things”… How many of us have asked God to help us to love Him? Love is a gift of God himself. Many people mistakenly think that we can progress in loving God through our own efforts, that it completely depends on how we learn to love God. Surely, we need to do everything we can to carry out Christ’s command: to love the Lord my God; but above all and beyond all our efforts, this grace will be granted to us as we pray to our heavenly Father.

What do we mean by loving God? This is a valid definition to help us understand: loving God means the desire to please Him, and so Christ’s commandment can read as: You should desire to please God.

You come to Mass because God is pleased when you worship Him. You receive Communion because God wants to be with you. You pray because God is pleased when you speak to Him. You honor God’s name because it pleases Him. You honor your parents because it is pleasing to God. You respect the health and life of others because it pleases God. You respect others’ rights in respect of their possessions, good reputation, their wives, and children because it pleases God. To do these things is to love God. And in order to practice these things, we need God’s help and must ask Him for help as the saints did. “Lord, I want to please You, help me to please You”.

“Love others as ourselves”… Loving others means wanting to do good to them. We cannot do good to God, but we can desire to please Him. We can and must do good to others. One of the best ways to please God is to do good to others. Who is the object of our love? Love those who are not lovable. Unlike humans, God does not expect us to be cute. The love of God is the love that creates cuteness, and that is what God wants to express when teaching us to love our enemies.

We do not love our brothers as we love apples. Christian love is not the vibrating part that makes our heart or body vibrate in front of someone or something that attracts us. This instinctive love is not rich in any way because it is not free to love. People will realize that your love is real with unconditionally loving when that love will be a love unlimited, without waiting for gratitude, when to love will not be easy.

Jesus gave His life for us, while we were sinners, so is His teaching. Love for others based on attractiveness does not need a commandment, but the Lord’s Revelation is indeed needed to realize God’s gratuitous love for us and His Spirit so we can fulfill that love.

Love those who are most miserable… How to let our love grow? Have we ever asked ourselves what vibe do we have when facing human suffering in present circumstances? In the newspaper, on the website, each information is shared every day; every hour on the mass media, from one place to another, people are struggling with epidemics, wars, others facing natural disasters, droughts, floods. What should we do? Never think that I have no wealth, material, opportunity, time, inability to help. Love does not depend on those things but comes from a sincere heart. There are a thousand ways to love.

Hope for your safety is a sincere wish that many people have been waiting for these days.

In the Central part of our country had been raining heavily for many days. People are cold in the middle of the ocean, the people in this southern city, we are also hot with the information of floods, tropical depression, flash floods, and landslides in the Central region where many of our brothers and sisters are sufferings. Hundreds of thousands of families fell into a situation of exhaustion from the grief that people and soldiers suffered when the natural disaster was unpredictable. The Covid-19 pandemic has just calmed down; an economy has not yet recovered. People in the Central region have been continuously hit by storms, floods, and wrecked living in difficult circumstances.

In the calls of the state, the church, and from different social organizations all turned to that land, what can we do for them? They lack many things, people need to share not only materially but also mentally to deal with all kinds of difficulties after the flood recedes, so it is important for the attention of each young person, each People share the same direction towards our brothers and sister. During these days, let us share this difficulty with them. Let us pray and help out the flood victims, depending on our ability; there are a thousand ways to love.

This is the time for us to carry out the Lord’s loving teaching – Helping our brothers in need; to love our neighbors as ourselves.