Jesus is your beloved and if your heart loves something else, it is lost; whatever God has created and could have created, nothing can satisfy it. Your heart has been made to love and to love Him alone. It is proper of the love to love and to search for its beloved with a raging thirst, and since your Beloved is supreme beauty, the passion of the heart is insatiable and its torments are inexplicable (Letter 88,6).

According to John and Stasi Eldredge, there are three profound desires in every woman’s heart: she wants to be fought for, to have an adventure to share and to have beauty to unveil. Our whole live is spent in search for that special someone who will be able to fill our heart. But the truth is that there is nothing in this world able to satiate our heart’s desire. The more we search, the closer we think we are getting, the bigger is our frustration and disappointment. Because we are searching in a wrong place. Because at the end, only God can fully satisfy our heart. If you see, my daughters, the beauty and anything beautiful in the children of Adam, is nothing else but a flash coming from the perfection of your beloved. As man, he musters all the beauty of all men; and as God he is the supreme Good, the supreme Being, infinitely lovable. Are you satisfied with such beloved? (Letter 88,4-5). For some of us the answer is no, God is too far, too „impersonal”, too abstract to even think of sharing our life with him. For others, the answer is yes. And I hope that it is a big yes for daughters of Francisco Palau. He felt more than anyone than only the infinite beauty and love of the Church will be ever able to quench his thirsts. He gave this advice to his follower: In his spiritual journey towards God, in order to be happy, man must always go ahead, he must go without turning back; he must always ascend until he possesses the supreme good, infinitely perfect, the only thing which can completely satisfy all the appetites and desires of the heart (Pages 1561). Let us check our pulse and see what are the desires of our heart and where we look for their satisfaction.


Aleksandra Nawrocka CMT