The call for conversion begins with the experience of encounter and relationship with the God of life, God revealed to us. Conversion is not a previous condition for encounter with God, but it begins when we experience the encounter with Jesus Christ. Justice, salvation, are not the acts of God to make us believe, but results of this experience of encounter.

Advent in itself is not only a time for waiting, as we use to say, but it’s the „He’s already here” that is working the awaited salvation in us. Meaning, the One we are waiting for, has already arrived, He is already working salvation in us. The prophet, in this key, says that who truly looks for him, really wants to encounter him, will encounter him in light, in darkness, in heaven, on earth, in victory, in crisis, in peace and even in disgrace. Life, the concrete situations of our life, the whole creation, are the scenery where God reveals himself and shows to us the power of his goodness.

The same thing we see reflected in the answer that Jesus gives to the question of the disciples of John the Baptist: it is in the experience of encounter and relationship with Jesus from Nazareth when we become witnesses of His love, love in action: „the blind see, the  lame walk, the lepers are cleaned, the deaf hear, the death are risen, the poor hear the Good News”. Love that make us see and hear, meaning, we become witnesses of God who IS ALREADY HERE.

You and me, are we still waiting for his coming? Or are we ready to become his witnesses? Are we waiting for the great miracles to follow him? Or are we ready to follow him to be able to see the great miracles in our lives?

Do you care for your growth in friendship with Jesus, or maybe you still wait for great things to happen to begin your journey of conversion?


Fr. Wilson Ascensio Callejas