God counts on everyone, on each one of us, noone is useless for God. Each person has its role in history of salvation, a mission do develop and fulfill. We see how Jacob blesses and reveals to his sons their mission; in the Gospel we hear the long list of men and women revealing the story, origins and their lights and shadows, sins and virtues. But all of them are important.

It’s an indication that all of us we are called for salvation. In some way these readings are inviting us to be aware of the fact that we don’t become who we ought to be in solitary, we don’t achieve salvation totally individually, but we make this journey together with others, in the experience of faith that is begins in personal encounter and grows when is lived in community, parish, family, village. It’s a kind of faith that grows in the middle of our sins and difficulties, and a kind of faith that makes us brothers and sisters, responsible for one another, specially for the most vulnerable ones.

By the other hand, it is good to discover the importance of history; „to remember the past…”, that we are not a result of a spontaneous generation, but we have and we participate in a past, sometimes flattering, sometimes disturbing, but a past that brought us until this day, and that presents itself as our teacher to be aware of new situation. „To prepare the future…” because not everything is already said, there are still opportunities to build, to grow, to construct. There is still hope and multiple opportunities. „To live the present…” without sinking in what has already been or what didn’t happen. Without hopelessness for tomorrow, knowing that every step of this day constructs our tomorrow, that every moment lived with intensity and truth are stepping stones for a better future. And all of this, lived through faith, reminds us that God stills counts on us and whats a better future. „All saints have their past, and all sinners have their future” (Pope Francis).

God has for you an eternity. Allow Him to encounter you. Prepare the „Bethlehem” of your life so he may be born in you.


Fr. Wilson Ascensio Callejas