In our life there are circumstances when our securities are put into a test, when that what we don’t understand can make us reaffirm ourselves because of our uncertainties or because we don’t comprehend things that are offered to us outside of our own projects or expectations.

This is what we see happening today to Joseph, in what we can discover his interior: a just man who above all chooses honor and love towards Mary. This interior filled with goodness that is confirmed by the commandment of the Lord transmitted by an angel, and which makes his participate in the plan of salvation, in the coming and definite alliance, with the birth of Jesus.

God counts on us, on our being and our weaknesses, our fears and insecurities. We should trust in him, and this way the promises will be fulfilled and His coming fills our lives with hope, reunites anew the dispersed nation and reconstructs our broken being, putting together our fractioned being. Where peace and justice are abundant in our existence and, by these means, it is extended to everyone who surrounds us.

God invites you today to trust, to put your life at the service of His plans, where everyone knows that God, through His Son, brings us justice, peace and security that we yearn so much, praying in solitary and fragility of the limits of His love.


Fr. Wilson Ascensio Callejas