Season of Creation (from September 1 to October 4)

“The nature, in sweet and eloquent voice, was saying: Let us adore Creator, God author of our being” (M.R 813,16)

Season of Creation is a time to renew our relationship with Creator and whole creation through celebration, conversion and commitment. During this Season of Creation, we unite to our sisters and brothers of ecumenical family in prayer and action for our common home.

From JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation), we invite for this month “connected” to our common home, united to its cry and necessities.

During this month, we will publish in the webpage and social networks subsidies for prayer and pastoral, as well as visual offers for awareness. More, we will deepen as Teresian Missionaries Carmelites and palautian family in how we can create COMMUNION, make BEAUTIFUL and RESTORE our common home, as well as how to discern, LISTEN and ANSWER to its cries and necessities.


SEPTEMBER 1: initiate this month with a moment of prayer shared in community about our Common Home and our commitment with it.

October 4: a communitarian Eucharist for our common home and for those who suffer more directly the consequences of the violence with Creation.



Talk 1: As palautians, how can we make visible that we are called to create communion and live the new relationships, also with Creation and Nature?

Author: Mª Teresa Ruiz – MILPA

Date: September 16

Talk 2: As palautians, in the light of Laudato Si, how can we restore the image of the Church damaged because of the harm in our common home? What concrete steps can we take? Where can we start?

Author: Sr. Marta Faron, cmt.

Date: September 23.

Talk 3: As palautians,  and in this context of pandemic, to make beautiful the Church, reflection of God and creation, is a challenge. How can we live  and express it in a concrete way in our communities? How can we rediscover the beauty that surrounds us and make it shine?

Author: Sr. Olga Olano, cmt.

Date: September 30.

Talk 4: Our 4th point: to listen and answer to the needs of the Church. Accordingly to Laudato Si, how can we listen what our reality is telling us? Keys of discernment to answer clearly and realistic to the emerging necessities of our common home and the consequences over its most vulnerables members.

Author:  Sr. Aleksandra Nawrocka, cmt.

Date: October 1.

CREODEMIA:  Creativity in times of pandemic.

*For all communities and families

Competition about ecology, art and recycling, for all ages.

Prizes in three categories:



Deepness of message

  • Also, every weekend we will publish a movie/document for children and adults with the object of awareness and generating a debate and awareness.
  • Finally, we will be adding suggestions for recycling and care of our common home to be recreated in homes and communities.

Here you can download materials for prayer:

prayer – september 1