To be a woman of faith, a woman of communion, a woman of attentive listening. To live communion, fraternity; in relationships based on freedom, synodality, faith… In an attitude of service. To bring the Incarnation and the Eucharist to life. To build a culture of care, to pay attention to one’s own fragility and that of others, to live from humility in order to be experts in humanity. To discover the beauty of creation and of the person. To be bridges, to create communion, to heal, to save, to reconcile. To give back to others their beauty, starting by recognising them. To embark on the path of incarnation: to become inculturated. Moving from the multi to the inter. Calls, challenges, mission that all this implies.

Accompanied, in reality or virtually, by two religious Sisters Handmaids of the Sacred Heart – Sisters Rosario García and Isabel Fernández – the assembly members dedicated a whole day to prayerful reflection on the conferences prepared for this purpose. Personally and as a group, they listened to the novelty or resonance contained in the talks with what nestles in the heart of each one of them.

Personal reflection was followed by group sharing. The afternoon plenary session was a space for listening to this shared reflection, reinterpreted by the two speakers. All the participants expressed their gratitude to the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart who masterfully guided this day of enlightenment.

If you are curious, a small gallery of the day is available on our website