Yesterday, Sunday, February 7th… The third day of our General Assembly. This is how one of the Sisters, Assembly member, sums up the day’s work:

We continued to get into the rhythm of work, reflections and sharing in the plenary sessions.

In the morning we focused on the document on the meaning of mission and the concept of participated missions, prepared by D. Fernando Dominguez, who for years has been accompanying our congregation in the elaboration of a new organisational model defined by shared mission. We had the opportunity to share our impressions, opportunities and risks that we see in this new approach. In the afternoon we were able to share with the author, who connected with us from his home. He answered our questions and concerns, also clarifying some concepts and showing ways forward.

Later in the afternoon – in the morning for the assembly members of the Province of America, in the evening for the Delegate of Asia – we went online again to listen to the report of our General Animator, Sr. Based on the 4 axes that define our missionary identity, Sister presented a broad and clear picture of the congregational reality. With words full of love she spoke to us of the concrete situations that can be a reason for joy, but there was no lack of tears when she pointed out the very difficult and painful realities in which, as a body and family, we are not at the charismatic level. Her report provoked reactions of deep gratitude for the service she gives to the congregation as General Animator, for her presence and accompaniment, for her clarity and honesty in calling things by their name. Now it is time to internalise this message, welcoming the lights and shadows, and continue to move forward in these days of walking as a family palautiana.

And, of course, some photos… here.