It was a very full day.

First of all, the group plenary sessions to share what we had seen in the report of the General Animator. We opened our minds, hearts and wills, and welcomed without prejudice what the others wanted to share. There began a dialogue on what we, as a group, recognise as a call for the congregation. In this way, instead of each one defending her own opinions, it is possible to build on what is essential for all of us.

The second part, two reports: on the secretary issues, presented by Marcela Jaque, and the economic one, by Sr. Ma. Teresa García. Both dealt with complex realities of the congregation. Using our metaphor: the threads already incorporated into the fabric, the knots or tangled threads and the threads still to be included. It was possible to appreciate the finished fabric, but also the parts to be undone and redone in order to better fulfil the mission entrusted to us by God.

After a short break, the plenary session of the Assembly began. Since February, 8th – the memorial of St. Josephine Bakhita – is the World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking, the session began with prayer in communion with the whole Church, which today in a special way recalls the existence of the problem of modern slavery. This was followed by the contributions from all the venues from the dialogue on the report of our General Animator, Sr Mª José Gay. There was an opportunity to ask further questions and to ask for clarifications on matters of interest, e.g. our collaboration in the fight against human trafficking.

At the end of this plenary session of the Assembly, after a short break, the reports from the Area of Formation (Sr. Inés Fernández) and Identity (Marcela Jaque) continued. One could appreciate the commitment of the sisters of the General Team of Animation and Government, their realism and love for the congregation, as they presented the way already done and the challenges still to be faced.

It was a day full of information, but also of transformation, of broadening of horizons and growth in feeling as one family and one body walking towards one horizon: the mission given by God to our congregation.

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