On Tuesday, February 9th, the fifth day of this General Assembly, the gathered sisters, physically dispersed but united in spirit, continued to listen to the various reports.

After the reports of the Sister General, of the secretariat and of the finances, there followed those of the other mission areas seen from the level of the Congregation as a whole. Thus, the incumbents responsible for the animation of these areas, sisters and laity, presented: Identity (which includes Spirituality and Communications and Digital Evangelisation), Pastoral, ONGD EDUCAS, MILPA and the Cause of the Saints. What was presented left no one indifferent: it is family stuff, what is to be talked about. With its lights and shadows, the positive and what overshadows the beauty.

The spaces for reflection served to share feelings and concerns. Personal reflections were combined with “provincial” group work. And with the plenary session of the assembly as a whole, to drop what was glimpsed in the group and to welcome what was shared by the others: focusing on the reports of the General Animation and Governance Team.

But that was not all. The first reports of the provinces and of the delegation were also presented: making transparent the reality of each one and sharing the challenges and concerns based on this. Always thinking of the good of the people, of the Congregation and of the whole Church. “With our hearts in God and in the people with whom we form the Body”. According to the latitudes and timetables, each thing in its own time.

A few images that have been shared with us, this time from Yaounde and Santiago.

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