When you lose, don’t think only of your failure. Rearrange your strengths and think about new projects.

To D. Agustín Mañá: Barcelona

Ibiza, December 4, 1854

My most esteemed friend: I received your last two letters. I already answered the first, but the mail from Ibiza to Palma had suffered much days of delay because of the bad weather. You must have received already the answer. I thank you once again for your good will and I dare say that you will do what you can for me. This week another mail is leaving and it will bring a blank form of power of attorney.

I was compelled to pay a copy for me and another for the two scripts. And the expenses of the notary, I was told, will increase to two coins. I sent Biel so that he will pay, but then they asked for 80 duros, which I could not give them because I do not have and all I have is not worth that much, even if they were to skin me.

I will take part of the land if it were a matter of one or two land measures mojadas, but this will be the last resort. That is to say, that if there is no other means of settling it, I will do; but if you could find someone else who could take all, the better.

I have confidence in you and even if you will not take charge of any power or letter of attorney, do not miss the occasions that may show up in order to serve me in this case.

Besides at the moment, I am at peace, without inhibition to visit friends when it is convenient. Greetings to Marieta, without forgetting Doña Antonieta and the rest of the family. I have been informed by Juana of all the circumstances that had happened due to cholera, and I praise God for you have been saved from it, although I dare say you have suffered somewhat.

Dispose of this your affectionate and s.s. y b.s.m.



Father Palau continues trying to arrange all his affairs. Curious thing, it is not all about closing what has to be closed, but about rearranging the way to save what can be saved. And for this matter he counts on a help of his friends who are there for him, for better and worse. He feels free to ask for help and he shows full trust that his friends will not abandon him nor will they betray his trust.


Sometimes life seems to be a game of chess. The important thing is the strategy and patience. Think twice before you move. Rethink your strategy if you commit a mistake. Don’t show your opponent that he’s got you…

We see around us that, due to the pandemic, the world is closing more and more. People are losing their livelihood, their small businesses, their jobs. It’s amazing that after almost a year of pandemic the world economy haven’t collapsed yet. And what can we learn from experience of Francisco Palau? When you lose, don’t think only of your failure. Rearrange your strengths and think about new projects. Even if it sounds crazy during the time of pandemic, but all of us we are called to begin something new. Many experts say that the world we knew until now has ended. And in many ways I hope it will be truth. It is in our hands to build this world anew. For the Church it is also a hard time, this challenging present demands from us new creativity in answering the needs of the people, material and spiritual ones. It leads to the ew ways in pastoral care, in administrating goods, in helping each others and in many other ways. So, instead of fighting with each other about things that are not essential, let us rearrange our strengths and begin together new project of the Church after pandemic.