The Assembly continues its course.

How have we progressed in these four years in the respective provinces? What urgencies and calls do we perceive? What are the visions of the more or less near future? These and other questions have emerged in the reflections and resonances that the reports of the provincials of Africa, America and Europe, and that of the delegate of Asia, have aroused this Wednesday.

The Assembly members also began to reflect on the contributions of the provincial pastoral and management teams. Valuable contributions, because they respond to the question of what they consider necessary in the here and now in order to, as a team, continue to respond to the mission entrusted to them, weaving communion, strengthening, updating the design, all in order to give current, correct responses, which shelter, clothe and protect.

All that was shared throughout the day and in the plenary assembly in the late afternoon, we hope, will redound to the good of the whole Church. The missionary outreach, the desire to respond to urgent needs according to the charism we have inherited.

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