The awaited day has come! Our Lord is risen!

Great joy in our hearts! As never before we experience the greatest surrender of love and through faith we celebrate the certainty that in earthly life nothing ends, it is only a step, a time to prepare ourselves for eternal life.

Still today there are those who doubt, who think that Jesus’ body has been stolen. Sometimes we also doubt. Preoccupations and discourage invades us and we put our trust more in material things than in the heaven. Today we want to celebrate the joy of redemption conceded to us by God and with great courage continue our journey climbing with our prayer and service the steps towards heaven.

May we never forget that the full and eternal happiness of living in communion with God is waiting for us. And may we ask this day: Can I experience the living presence of the Lord in my journey? After this time of grace, of desert, has my heart been widened by opening to the love of God and giving myself more to the others?

Beloved Lord Jesus, we ask you to be able to respond to all the graces that in the past 40 days you have showered upon our lives. We have recognized our weaknesses and today more than ever we know that we need your mercy. Make us docile to the Holy Spirit, so our steps will be firm and we will begin with joy the way to which we feel called in the construction of the Kingdom.