“I am the vine; you are the branches. He who remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit.”

The plant to consider it has different parts to fulfill its functions as roots, trunk, and branches.  It needs an environment conducive to grow like space with adequate soil, nutrients, water, air and someone who cares for it.  A plant needs to be nourished to bear fruit, so does the Church, which is the Vineyard of the Lord.

If we are the branches, Jesus speaks here in plural because our lives are not an individual or a private matter.  We are dependent on each other, that is, to bear fruit we need others.

Moreover, the image of the vineyard speaks to us of unity.  Since each vine bears fruit because with a single grape you cannot make the wine.   In order to make the wine we need many plants to give the expected fruits so that at the time of harvest and processing it will give the expected wine. Wine is characterized by its specific taste and sweetness. As the winemaker has planned and dreamed for months, he hopes to delight those who will drink it.

Thus, our life as a Church is a community in which we are to fulfill our role in the Lord’s Vineyard. He is the one who cares for us and protects us, the one who expects us to bear fruits, fruits in abundance, that is, a desire of wine that brightens the heart and table of so many who expect our fruits of justice, peace, dedication, mercy, welcome, fraternity, etc.

Let us be one of those branches that wanted to grow healthy.  Despite of the coldness and winter, it has to endure its waiting for spring and summer to bear abundant fruits.  Let our winemaker do what is necessary in our lives so that we are finally wines of good strain.


Sr. Soledad Morales, CMT

Manila Community