What does the word leadership mean to you? In my opinion leadership is not merely a job, tasks or the one in the authority. Leadership includes a lot of responsibilities, courage, confidence yet a person also who meets a lot of critics on the way.  A leader has different faces in the society and not all has the faculty to lead a country, a company, a troop, a community, a classroom, a flock, or a group of people.

This fourth Sunday of Easter reminds us the leadership of Peter and Jesus. They are leaders of different time. But they awake the mind of the people who bear the true leadership.    

Peter in the Acts of the Apostle, reveals the cold-hearted leaders who are heartless to see the needs of the people.  Nowadays there are a lot of these kind, they feed their own personal needs and they put behind in feeding the one in need. Perhaps this is not a job that fits to all, surely this is not an easy task. Peter in the peak of his motivated spirit is able to address the concern of the people which Jesus Christ of Nazareth revealed to them: “there is no salvation through anyone else”. 

Great leaders are not just an overnight honing, but it takes a lot of experiences and efforts to make them prominent in their field.  Jesus greatness as a good leader is him being as a good shepherd. “The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”   Jesus’ passion in pasturing the flock in the proper fields for them to eat the grass fitted to their needs. He never allows the wolves to chase his sheep away from the flock but instead he looks after even risking his own life. Hirelings, when they see dangers, they immediately are driven out of fear and worries.  Genuine leaders though they may face hardships, worries and fears but they are courageous enough to humbly confront them all. It doesn’t matter the criticisms; the important thing for them is that they may be able to respond to the needs of the people.

Let us ask Jesus to give us a heart of a good shepherd who knows how to love unconditionally, know how to listen carefully, and know how to share in life abundantly.  Remembering all leaders to see the essential needs of their people. That they may acquire a heart of a good shepherd.