The Delegation of San Lorenzo Ruiz – Asia would like to congratulate the newly elected Animation and Government team that will animate the Province of Francisco Palau – Europe. The new animation and government team composed of:

Sr. Teresa Vives Pertusa– Provincial Animator

Sr. Ma. Del Rosario Perez Paya – First Councilor

Sr. Ma. Asuncion Caminero Martin – Second Councilor

Sr. Marta Faron – Third Councilor

Sr. Olga Olano Eguiluz – Fourth Councilor

As our constitutions say, the provincial animation and government team “is formed by the provincial animator and her council, as the norm of the Directory. Those who perform this service are people capable of living in a spirit of communion and working as a team. They encourage and accompany the life and mission of the Province according to the orientations of the Chapters, according to universal and proper law. They act in creative fidelity to the charism and attentive to the signs of the times and to the orientations of the Church. They live and perform their service in an attitude of discernment and dialogue; they take particular care of the formation of the sisters and promote collaboration with other institutions and bodies.” (C 120)

Sisters thank you for your availability and openness to animate the Province incarnating our charism in Europe and Asia. Let us seek together God’s will for our province, focused on mission and weaving new relationships at the service of the Church – God and neighbors.

My daughters, now it is time to work and sacrifice yourselves for your neighbors. (Blessed Francisco Palau, Letter 99)