“God’s great work in man takes place in the interior.”

On the last day of the assembly, the sisters started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist with lauds which was presided over by Fr. Paul Vinh Nguyen, OCD.

The sisters had the plenary afterward for sharing the redaction of the assembly work.  Each community also presented its concerns and discussed its immediate needs. Then the different discerning communities gathered once again for their proposals of the axes of the mission.  It was discussed and after some suggestions and revisions, it was forwarded to the redaction committee.

After lunch, they went back to the plenary for the presentation of the revised lines of action and determinations which were presented for the final redaction as delegation agreements that will guide the sisters for the next four years.

The final words of the Provincial Animator, Sr. Teresa Vives invited and challenged the sisters to continue walking together with the lay as Palautian family centering their lives on mission and weaving communion.  With God’s grace, there is nothing impossible to embrace differences, creating communion wherever we are, opting for a wider horizon in serving the church, and taking care of the relationship and our common home.

The final moment was the signing of the delegation agreements of all the sisters who participated in the assembly.

It is indeed a big challenge for the new animation and government of the delegation and for the rest of the sisters to live out what has been agreed.

Nevertheless, it is also an overwhelming experience and gratitude of the sisters with the presence of Sr. Teresa Vives and Sr. Maria Rosario Perez Paya for their nearness, generosity, and attentiveness in listening and guiding the assembly for its success.