Father Palau, welcomes in his heart the law of the Gospel, the love of God, love of neighbors, which he calls the law of grace.

Jesus speaks today for those who hear him. The Gospel of this 7th Sunday of ordinary time offers us concrete practices to live that law of grace; He itemizes in many ways what we summarized with LOVE. This passage could be a complete exam of conscience for those who listen. By speaking to His disciples, He addresses us, giving us an archetypal, model of identification par excellence: The Father -the Almighty.

This Gospel is very easy to be understood because Jesus tells us to do to others as we would have others do to us… and gives us advice, for us to open our minds: the measure you give will be the measure you receive back.

Francisco Palau, in his love story with the Church –My Relations-, shares frequently his worries, his main preoccupation, which is no to respond to the love of the Church to him, in the same way, with the same ‘measure’, which is loving without counting the cost; in dialogue with the Church he will express: “I don’t doubt that you love me; what I doubt is that I love you…” (M.R. 4, 6), to which, She answers him: “I love, not what you are and have of yourself, but what is in you infinitely lovable and beautiful” (M.R. 9, 43-44. 48).

And to affirm himself in this love, he renews his promises often: “I, […], give myself as I am, with all that I have, now, during my whole life and eternity…” (M.R. 2, 7), love that is total surrender of himself to the beloved Church, till the point to become foolish, “I become crazy; that love for you, oh Holy Church, brings me out of my senses…” (M.R. 9, 29).

Either by the law of the gospel, as it is offered by Luke 6: 27-38, or by charismatic inheritance, the invitation is clear: to renew our passion in our daily surrendering, which has to be without measure:

–        Loving our enemies,

–        Doing good always,

–        Being understanding,

–        Not judging,

–        Not condemning,

–        Forgiving always,

–        Being generous…

This invitation, in the words of Sister Teresa Mira, giving courage to her sister Magdalena in times of war, sounds like this: “Don’t be silly, give yourself up completely into the arms of Jesus and our Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel and trust that nothing will happen to us”.

Love never fails!


Our Lady of Virtues Community

Pangantucan Bukidnon