I am Aline Cassol, primary teacher at the Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas School in Tarragona. During the time I am working in the school, I was able to appreciate all the labor that the CMT Sisters do all over the world, but above all in the Philippines, since every year we launch activities destined to help their mission. After having heard that there was a possibility of volunteering with them, after receiving some information, I decided to begin this trip to collaborate with my grain of sand to the community.

I began this adventure with many expectations and, of course, a little bit of fear. But I can only say that my expectations have been met, and that all fear disappeared when I stepped on the airport in the Philippines.

The welcoming of the sisters has been exceptional, even before beginning this adventure they were taking care of us as family. There are no words enough to express my gratitude for how they took care for our wellness and helped in the way of making us feel at home and make it all look much easier.

This experience has been marvelous, I could truly live with local people who always give you a smile, offer you whatever they have and are always thankful for everything.

During this mission, I could share and help in different labors the sisters are doing for the community, in Calumpang, at Saint Dominic Village where they have a project called “Casitas” which consists in constructing houses for the most disfavored families. In the same community they have a program called “Feeding” that offers food for children. They also have different activities with the youth, as I could helped to plant some local trees and collect waste, prepare concrete activities, and put them in practice.

In their center in Lucena City they have school for children, as well as medical care, social worker who give support to the families, with whom I could go to visit some houses, and many activities dedicated to make their lives better. A truly important and indispensable labor to educate conscience, to help make society where they live a better place, so that they could aspire to a better future.

About this experience I can only say that it has been the best adventure of the world, since the moment I arrived I felt at home, and now I have new, big family.

I think it is difficult to explain it all I bring with me of these weeks of volunteering, so much love, smile, embraces in exchange for nothing, learning how to be happy with so few… We don’t realize how blessed we are for having been born and raised up in a correct home and having a family and friends we have.

During this time, I remembered what is important, that in spite of the circumstances we can always be happy, and that against all odds if we put desire, strength, and courage, things can be done in a different way.

I am immensely happy for having lived this experience, I have the best of memories, I would repeat it without any doubt. I cannot more than give thanks to the sisters for their hospitality and to each one of the persons who crossed my path in this trip, because if there is someone nice in the world, it is the people of the Philippines.

It is time to return to my reality, but without doubt what I have lived have marked me forever.

Lastly, I want to say that it is a unique and individual experience. Everyone will learn something, have conclusions, and will change in some way. Because these experiences are so pure and real that they make us change. And I am sure that we can only change for better. Salamat!