The practice of the virtue of hope was as remarkable as faith. In her life, one could perceive the trust in the mercy of God the Father, the merits of Jesus Christ, the serenity of spirit while facing the setbacks of life. There were special circumstances in her life in which she manifested in an evident way the virtue of hope, such as in the face of his imminent death.

“In addition to teaching us the catechism, she took advantage of catechesis to tell us about the love that the Lord had for us, instilling in us this virtue of hope and that we should always count on the Lord, that we would not stop having recourse to him in all our needs. All her eagerness was to move our hearts to the Lord and trust in his infinite mercy.
The servant of God invited for hope and trust in the Lord, not only to us sisters in community but also to all the people. He encouraged everyone to live trusting in God. When she became a religious I do not know what arrangements she would make with God, referring to her family, the truth is that, a month after leaving, my father got a job that was solving the economic situation and life became more bearable. I am very sure that her prayers resolved this.”

Prayer through the intercession of Sr. Teresa

O God, you take delight in the simple and the pure of heart!

Glorify your servant Teresa whose ideal in life was to love you with unassuming dedication,

and to give herself for love of you to all whom she met.

Give us the grace to love you as she did, without reserve,

and the favour we now ask through her intercession.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.