Luke 21:5-19

In the gospel today, Jesus noticed how people were fascinated with the magnificence of the temple. Jesus said, “The days will come when there will be no stone upon another, that will not be thrown down.” (v.6) The temple building, no matter how magnificent it is, can and will be destroyed. The people, perhaps, were afraid and asked a follow-up question, “Teacher, when will this happen, and what signs will there be when all these things are about to happen?” Jesus warns them not to be deceived by enumerating some examples such as the coming of false prophets, wars, and insurrections; calamities like earthquakes, famines, and plagues; persecutions and hatred.

The Christian life is to focus on the here and now, which requires strength and faith. The world will continue to have wars and insurrections, and continuous natural disasters will defy explanation. With our experience with the deadly COVID-19 virus that has infected and killed millions of people, ravaged our economy, and instilled fear in many. None of these things necessarily imply that the world is ending. The teaching of Jesus does not offer us a way to predict the end of the world. Instead, the teaching of Jesus provides His followers with spiritual resources needed to cope with the adversity and hardship that are part of life in the here and now.

Jesus assures and reassures us throughout that He is still in control and that we should never be afraid. God is our protector; not a hair of our heads will be destroyed (v. 18). Our faith tells us that there is no reason to be concerned about the future. Instead, we are to focus on the present moment, on today, the here and now. As followers of Jesus Christ, what is important is to be prepared at any time by taking care of our loving relationships with God and with others.

Fr. Palau said, “I shall dedicate my whole self to the good of the Mystical Body, which is the Church—God and neighbor.” (Lt. 42, 4).   Following in the footsteps of our father founder, if we daily give ourselves in proclaiming the beauty of the Church, committing ourselves to restore dignity and performing liberating and healing services for the wounded body of the Church in Christ’s name, we will earn the true life, the eternal life of heaven.


Reina del Carmelo Community

Lucena City