On this second Sunday of Advent, John the Baptist urge us to atone for our sins, for our Savior, Jesus Christ, is near to come. He pointed us that repentance and change of life are conditioned to enter the Kingdom of God. And as evidence that we are remorseful for all our sins, we must bear good fruit.

Let us allow the figure of John the Baptist, be present on our Spiritual journey this advent. He prepared the way of the Lord, and called out the people to hear the voice of God with repentance. He hasn’t only baptized many people, but the Lord itself. He pointed the people towards God and drew his followers to go to Jesus and become the first Christian disciples. He decrees himself, and let God increase “I am baptizing you with water, for repentance, but the one who is coming after me is mightier than I. I am not worthy to carry his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Mt.3:11

And as we continue our advent journey, may we beseech our loving Lord to transform our lives with His grace, with the help of the Holy Spirit and with the power of his love; so that we might truthfully humble ourselves, before God and be His good witness before His people.