“…bound by the ties of love of God: you will walk the same road…Jesus Christ will be your guide.”

December 19, 2022.  It was another grace-filled day of the delegation assembly.  In the morning, Norma S. Dampog, Bibiana L. Reyes, and Lilibeth Marcos, the lay collaborators of the CMT Sisters were able to join the session and formed part of the discerning committees in the different axis of our mission.

During the first part, the sisters presented the informs of the delegation teams with the laity, that is, Formation, PJV, JPIC, Communication, and MILPA.  The lay participated in the said teams.  It was a good and enriching exchange of ideas between the sisters and the different apostolates that they are involved and committed to with the lay.  It was the first time and indeed gave way to the possibility of working with them.

After their reflection and communal sharing, they went to the plenary for the presentation of the different discerning committees.  Bibiana, the Directress of Sr. Teresa Center was also glad to express her shared mission in the community of Lucena for almost 20 years.

As a continuation of the session, Sr. Teresa Vives read the message of Sr. Maria Jose Gay, general animator, for the assembly.  Afterward, she gave thanks to the previous delegation for their service and commitment to the delegation and continued to guide the assembly explaining the competencies of the delegate based on the statutes, constitution, and directory.  With confidence, she read the appointment of the new delegate animator, Sr. Gloria Esther M. Alonso with the consensus of the provincial council and approval of the general council.

The assembly paused for a moment to celebrate the declaration of the newly appointed delegate animator.  Then, they proceeded to election of the two councilors.  Sr. Chrezann M. Angulo, the first councilor, and Sr. Sharon S. Villafranca, the second councilor.

The rest of the day was spent in prayerful reflection and group work about the four axes of our mission.  The day ended with the Eucharistic celebration in the parish.