St. Paul in chapter 13 of the first letter to the Corinthians, describes charity by a series of 15 adjectives applied to this virtue. Hence, the definition of it is not abstract but refers to the dynamism it provokes.
The servant of God was undoubtedly distinguished by her unique charity, as if glossing Saint Paul in her own life. In her own childhood, we already find a mature act of charity towards her family, voluntarily offering her help to try to alleviate a painful economic situation. This is how we read in the biographical notes of her sister Magdalena:

Teresa was a model daughter, an unbeatable sister considering how she attended and cared for everyone as a mother takes care of all the details. As Joseph and Teresa were the elders, they loved each other very much, they were similar in character and because they were very judicious they could realize the situation of the already large family; and this motivated them to ask their parents to allow them to look for a job and thus contribute something, although little, to help financially. Until her joining religious life, the servant of God performed tasks of various kinds in domestic service all of them with an authentic charitable motivation, especially after making her first communion and having a greater knowledge of Jesus.

She performed for God tasks of various kinds…, all of them with an authentic charitable motivation, especially after making her first communion and having a greater knowledge of Jesus. Not only would she perform the specific tasks of her employment, but also she sought to bring everyone to God. … For other people, she even let go of her own food because on one occasion when I was very sick she came to bring me an egg to eat for me to become strong.
When I met her she was at the school reception hall; I went every day to take my son to school and she looked very simple very humble, she welcomed everyone with great affection she waited affectionately.

She looked very simple humble, welcomed everyone with great affection. Her treatment was very attractive. Next to her you felt closer to God, she was very prudent sincere and simple. I do not think she was capable of letting herself be carried away by leisure. She was not shrunken or sullen, but welcomed everyone with a broad smile on her face. Her whole life was a true proof of her virtue. I would emphasize in all her person the virtue of humility.

Prayer through the intercession of Sr. Teresa

O God, you take delight in the simple and the pure of heart!

Glorify your servant Teresa whose ideal in life was to love you with unassuming dedication,

and to give herself for love of you to all whom she met.

Give us the grace to love you as she did, without reserve,

and the favour we now ask through her intercession.

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Let us end our triduum by recalling a letter addressed to Sister Magdalena after Sister Teresa‘s death:

“Yes Magdalene, we have one sister less on earth, but a saint in heaven who will teach us to follow the path she followed to arrive in such a short space of time to the degree of perfection so brilliant that she has reached and will teach us to love the Beloved with that love that she loved him, that love
that sought sacrifice”