My testimony is going to be short. It has been more than one year that I have god-children who are part of the long list of victims of human trafficking, sadism etc., perversions difficult even to imagine and that seem to be out of some bad movie, but the fact is the reality is more than our imagination.

I say “I have” because their names continue written in my heart, even if here they are only Joseph and Mary. And yes, there are too many angles in heaven, because all of those assigned to me as their god-mother are already there, in the arms of the Father, with their mother Mary, except for ne little girl.

Until not long ago I had the little mary alive. I trust that she continues alive, even though I cannot know things about her, I would like to remind her that she needs to learn to read and that she can continue imagining me playing with her. That she should continue drawing me, the she was imagining me, running in hurry to save her form bad people. I continue praying for her and keeping her dreams save together with angel-Marcela.

My another god-daughter Mary, the little philosopher, was making many questions about freedom: “There are many things that I cannot forget and sometimes I am doubting even about myself. I can’t stop thinking about so many others that continue suffering (…) How does it feel to be free? Will I be happy some day? I still cannot believe that it is really happening. God-mother, thank you for accepting me as your daughter, it is so good to think that there is someone who cares for me and thinks of me not only to hurt me”. She was manifesting her fear and she had only one desire: that one boy whom she loved much might be saved. We were praying for that, maintaining our hopes in the messages. And he was saved, but in such a bad condition that he died. And not long after that, also Mary, the victim of other’s desperation.

From boys, Joseph, I received only a testimony of their suffering, but they died free, feeling that they were loved. They continued feeling bad inside and outside, filled with fear. How is it possible to cause so much suffering?

There are no words that could express my indignation, anger, sadness because of so much pain. No one can be an owner of other’s life, even less of the life on defenseless children.

I give thanks to Marcela for her sacrifice, courage and donation. And to the sisters who accompanied her in this time, especially sister Olga. And to all the sisters who continue sustaining the cause directly or with their commitment of prayer. Also to the team who leads this cause.

I keep praying, not tranquil, alert, asking God to protect Guardian Angels on the earth of these children. To protect those already rescued so they can have a life of dignity and happiness. May this cause continue alive, no matter in whose hands, so that more children can be rescued, more victims of trafficking in persons. May all the angels called Mary and Joseph that we have in heaven, keep them from all harm.


Ma. Carmen Moya Guerrero, CMT