Reflecting upon the gospel for this Sunday, I find it very tragic, where the Landowner’s servants and his son hwas been killed by the tenants to whom he entrusted his vineyard. I can imagine how the Landowner mourned these persons whom he valued. It was a sad kind of feeling that the tenants didn’t recognize nor appreciate the goodness of the Landowner. It isso sad, that even in our present time, things like this are happening. Just like many who own a big  lot of land that brought misunderstanding to the family and among the relatives, among friends, that didn’t think of the importance and value of  relationship or connectivity. It is to becomebeing blind to the most essential matter that is family, friendship, and the gift of a person. So sad! And it’s too late we realized when we lost them. The tenants, they were so greedy to desire to own what was not theirs. They are too selfish and think only about themselves. How many of us are like this, sometimes, we have already a lot yet we want to have what the others have. Or we could say, how many times we become blind to recognize the goodness of God? Tragedy, conflict, misunderstanding, misconception, harsh word, etc, those are things that so many times break a good relationship, or are true obstacle in obtaining a real happiness.

The gospel for this Sunday reminds us of what is essential in life. It reminds us of what brings us real joy and what is important in life. Our security in this uncertain world comes from God and only God, nothing less. For this, let us strive to work out and deepen our relationship with God.  Don’t  be afraid, for God is with us. And most of all, let us be responsible for the gifts that God has given to us. This might not be forever, that at least we are able to grow and bear fruit with what God has given us, and to enjoy life with others. So that, others too can enjoy with the gifts that we receive. God bless us all!