Today the Church offers us readings that may be inviting us to ponder on the importance and beauty of wisdom for our life. The first reading is trying to convince us that wisdom is easy to find, we just need to want to find it, just need to try to look for it, and it will be there almost waiting for us. We just need to want… If we apply it to the Gospel reading we could conclude that the one thing that the “unwise” virgins were lacking is this “wanting”. Saint Teresa of Jesus says in her writings that there are many people that really advance in their spiritual journey, they are getting really close to God, really close to enter in communion with Him, but they never enter because they lack determination. They don’t decide once and for all to focus their life in Jesus, to get rid of all that may distract them, to really die for their own egoistic love. They don’t give it all completely, and therefore God is also not giving completely himself to them. In the Gospel the ten women were waiting for a long time. When the Bridegroom finally arrived, some of them just had to rekindle in them the decision of being with Him. Others, went back. They turned away from the Bridegroom. And when they finally came back determined to enter, it was already too late.

In life we need to be ready for all sort of situations. We may not be able to get prepared for all of them, we won’t be even able to imagine many of them as they seem so impossible to happen. But to be unprepared doesn’t mean not to be ready. To be ready means to be determined that whatever comes, we continue believing and trusting. Whatever may happen, we continue loving. Our life’s decisions, whether we are aware of it or not, are based on what we desire the most. This determination is what guides us and motivates us to keep pushing in times of difficulties and trials. If from the beginning we decide to give our life completely to God, when we get tired and worn, we only need to enkindle a little bit this desire and we go on. But if we lack on determination, in the most important moment we only turn away and walk away. And there will be a time when it will be too late to return and to enter in communion with God.