In the opening of the first reading the prophet Isaiah proclaims the words “Comfort, give comfort to my people”. God message sounds like his desires to comfort His people in the midst of the hardships they face as captives and exiles. They may have been waiting for the comfort, they were longing for God. In His desires to comfort them he also wanted prophet Isaiah to speak tenderly to Jerusalem. God comforted his people to reassure them that their sins have already been atoned. A comforting sense that someone above heard their cries. God was aware of the Jews’ observance of fasting; despite being scattered and deported to many locations, they managed to preserve their religious identity and sense of nationalism.

But, usually we don’t want any delays. You don’t want a delayed flight, a late meeting, a late payment, or a late response. It might be helpful to know why the delay is happening. When you encounter a delayed flight, perhaps your assigned aircraft might have technical issues to resolve or due to bad weather and other reason they found out before the flight, better to ride on a safe flight. Same as delay payments, late meetings and late responses: there might have reasons behind all, for we could avoid being impatience and agitated.

We need to comprehend the pre-Semitic context in the first reading and the Letter of St. Peter. Perhaps some believers doubted the Lord’s assurance to come in glory, they possibly agitated of waiting. I can think of today’s current situation of countries that are in deep mourning because they are experiencing war, terrorism and violence, they are emotionally disturbed, hungry, abandoned, homeless and neglected. I can’t help but wonder if God delayed how this happened…But it must be deleted from our mind that God never delays, He always come on time. God delays for some reason for us to prepare a way for our hearts to receive Him properly. For us to realize our stumbling, lapses, and our short comings. God always give us time to prepare ,to repent and to go back to Him. I will not doubt of His mercy and compassion, I know that there is always the right time for His kindness to reveal.

In the Gospel we read John the Baptist’s significant mission is to “prepare the way of the Lord”; serves as a reminder to be ready and to open to change in order to improve ourselves and our lives. Giving way to recognize the One who will baptize with the Holy Spirit is a humble gestures to show a great respect and importance to the One who is coming. Advent is not yet Christmas, but we are busy of many preparations of parties and gift giving. We must not lose sight the hopeful sense of advent, of sincere waiting. That while we wait we will not fall to agitation, we have to prepare that even if He arrives we could stand secure.

What are our significant missions we are doing during this advent season that enable for us to straight the way of Jesus in our lives? May this second week of advent help us to look forward with patience and a hopeful hearts and mind, living in sincerity and enthusiasm that even if the new heavens and new earth will come we are set to face the One. Delays will always happen but make an opportunity that these delays will develop ourselves and be an opportunity to change. Always remember that “delays” is a chance, think of how delays will help you to grow in patience and perseverance. Restless waiting will lead us to become more restless.