This Sunday is the last day of the Easter octave . It is also called the Divine Mercy Sunday in the Catholic Church. We ponder God’s mercy and compassion in today’s reflection.

The disciples, before Jesus appeared, were very much afraid, confused and had lot of negativities, then out of nowhere Jesus appear to them just like a dream, and so they could not believe it. But Jesus showed Himself and Voila! Jesus is alive!. They regain their enthusiasm, he brought them faith, He gave them peace in their hearts. Jesus is now again with them. He rose from the dead.

Faith is rising from our own “deaths.” Giving chance to a dead situation, hope at the coming of the God present and powerfully alive in Jesus. We just need to accept and we will have the peace which the world cannot offer. Jesus is our peace, our hope, our life for all those who follow the Lord who is our inspiration. Without faith in the resurrection we are defeated but with faith that Jesus is alive, we can live and continue to become living witnesses in the world.

In this Sunday we can see also ourselves in the person of Thomas. Thomas is a symbol of each one of us. He is an ordinary person with all his own fears and douts. Jesus always tells us to believe and have faith in Him. We can never find our happiness and purpose without faith in Jesus . We have to entrust everything to Him all our lives. Let’s believe in Jesus, the son of God. He is our light in this world. Through believing in Him, we are saved. As daughter of Father Palau we follow the spirituality of little way, we live in confidence in God, that way we can really love with confidence in Jesus who died but rose to give life to the world.

Let nothing disturb you, nothing surprise you, all things pass; God does not change. Patience wins everything; whoever holds on to God lacks nothing, God alone is enough (Teresa of Avila). In this Divine Mercy Sunday, let us pray that the Divine Mercy may keep touching our hearts in every moment of our life. May Jesus, the Risen who invintes us to believe in Him, help us to say like Thomas ‘you are my Lord and my God’.

Happy Easter to all. God bless!