There was a child whose siblings took him to school events and other extracurricular activities, whether civic or religious or even in his friends’ outings. It was a great experience because he was able to be with the people since his younger years. Little by little it made him realize the importance of being with others, cultivating friendships for a cause. It was not simply to enjoy their company but rather to look into their importance at a very young age through their words and actions.

Later on, it led him to be a good man full of passion and dedication whatever he did and wherever he went. He always gave the best version of himself, especially in his studies, and as a good son. He became a successful businessman after all his hard work and was always putting God in his life and also became a man for others. It was not easy for him to be successful because he came from a family with less of resources, financially. Nonetheless, It did not hinder him in this situation, rather he took it as a challenge and achieved the happy life that he always wanted – to be of service to others because he knew how to have none at all.

In the gospel reading, Jesus has a very clear message. The kingdom of God is our destiny and we must work for its growth and realization. It is compared to a mustard seed that is so small but when planted and taken care of it will bloom impressively as the biggest of all plants. It is tiny, yet in its value it is great. For sure, in the process, it is not easy because as it grows there might be unexpected, undesirable things that could happen. In the beginning, it is small and insignificant. As time passes by, its importance will be revealed. The important thing is the faith that is instilled in one’s heart.

I remember an anonymous quote that says: There is no better display of faith than a farmer planting seeds in a field and working to grow a crop. Like a farmer, I should not expect in big ways by unusual means. It is made up of modest beginnings and little ways. In the end, it is in God’s control of it who provides it with progress and fulfillment. But it should not encourage idleness, inaction, or apathy.

The farmer plants laying his hands, bending the knees and even getting dirty to make sure that the seeds are well planted into the soil. Moreover, I must acknowledge my insignificance and unworthiness with humility, and express my thankfulness to God and other people for all the blessings I experience. I have to be docile to be susceptible to God’s grace and do my part, sow the seed, and take all necessary care. I must wait patiently, avoid any unnecessary anxiety, and look forward to the crop.

The invitation for me is to rely on Him and conform to His will and ways. I have to aspire to please Him with unwavering love and passion. Every action and endeavor in my life must be directed and focused toward the kingdom of heaven. All of us are also encouraged to continue forward in holiness and faithfulness with constancy and endurance. We are not perfect but, like the mustard seed, we must endeavor to be of service to others by providing shelter to a multitude of people with genuine kindness and charity. Similarly, Jesus’ mission demonstrated the true presence of the kingdom of God, although one that was limited in scope and effect. Greater things that endure can be accomplished from modest beginnings. In the eyes of God, it makes no difference how great or small the things we have done. A person’s life should be lived with the intention of pleasing God and helping other people.