Jesus gives us the following instructions for prayer in the Our Father:
Our Father… Father, please… We share a common father, in other words. In God’s family, everyone is a member. Our affection, solidarity, and solidarity with one another should be based on our status as brothers. Mutual support in prayer and daily living.

“Do you still say the Our Father every day?” I queried my friend at sharing time. What does that mean? What do you pray for when you read the statement. Give us this day our daily bread us our daily bread? I notice there is excess food in your family. No person has to go hungry. Give us this day our daily bread, she said; I still prayed fervently. We remember our brothers despite having enough to eat.

The response is very lovely. Yes, we are brothers, and as such, we must work together and take care of one another. In today’s first reading, the patriarch Abraham demonstrated comradeship by fervently pleading for Sodom to be spared from punishment.
If the youngest, sickest brother in the family is always cherished and cared for, then in prayer, we must also place a higher premium on praying for the little brothers first.

Our prayer will be extremely lovely, and God will be delighted, if it is the message of a small child of the Father, and it expresses loving solidarity with all the brothers around the world. Notice how admirable our heavenly Father is. He cherishes all living things. He has no preferences for anyone. He delivers good wind and rain to both the good and the terrible. Always kind and forgiving, He was also highly tolerable and slow to get angry. Thus, we must be tolerant toward one another as God’s children.

Let us live to safeguard, uphold, and share. Do not let each others conflicts be brought about by greedy greed. We must forgive one another as God has already done for us.

Accepting each other as brothers and sisters are another invitation that comes with faith in God the Father. In a spirit of love and respect, we embrace one another. To create a world that is filled with God’s love and humanity, and in which everyone seeks and obeys God’s will, we warmly embrace one another while practicing tolerance and forgiveness.

So that God's name is exalted and our lives are characterized by love for one another, may we continually strive to be good children who listen to and obey God’s message.


Our Lady of La Vang Community